About the Artist

I am a fine art painter working with soft pastels, acrylic and mixed-media. I enjoy exploring views of the natural world as well as personal journeys into narrative art and symbolism.

My art studio in central Massachusetts

My paintings range in subject matter, but often have organic elements or themes. They include landscapes, still-lifes, portraits and expressive works. I also create customized portraits and pet portraits for commission.

I work most often with soft pastels and acrylic, but I will sometimes incorporate gold, silver or copper leaf into mixed-media pieces, and have been experimenting with including text and found objects.

Pastels laid out on the desk where I work

I have been exploring art as far back as I can remember. My education at Massachusetts College of Art and Design included media techniques in 2D and 3D, as well as traditional painting instruction. That has been invaluable to me as a designer, and opened me up to so many people that have influenced my work.

The digital side of my studio

When I am not painting, I develop Flash animation and interactivity for my company Pixel-Artistry. In my 15 years of experience in digital art I have created educational illustrations, websites, screensavers and e-learning applications