May 24, 2009

Welcome to the Pixel-Artistry blog!

My studio
So I have been experimenting with some blended media lately - I have a few ideas I want to explore with integrating fine and digital art, as well as creating some fine art pieces in my home studio. Seems like this is a good time to begin blogging the experiences and sharing resources for artists.

I'll be posting about a variety of artistic formats - both digital and traditional. In my day job I create interactive animated content for an eLearning company, and I love the immediacy of the results you get when working in Flash. Tweak, tweak, publish - instant gratification! But I miss the tangible feeling of fine art when I'm away from it too long. It's more direct and intimate of an experience, as the work is very personal. I want to keep the creative juices flowing in both fields, blending them where possible to create something that is uniquely me.

I am fortunate to have a studio space in which to work. It's a huge benefit to have a secluded space to be creative (and be messy about it) where you can leave a project out without worrying about it getting in the way of daily life, or in my case, being stepped on by any of our pets.

So it's time to get to work!

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