Aug 29, 2010

Electric Butterfly

I came across this fun little contest between Adobe Max and Threadless in my Adobe newsletter. Being an illustrator, I thought it would be a great opportunity to exercise my digital creative muscles. The theme is "nature and technology" for the Adobe Max conference. Check out my schnazzy work!

Yes, I am a digital design goddess. And I really like that blue butterfly.
Here's the official design submission page on Threadless. Assuming I have all the artwork set up correctly for printing, it will be added to the queue for the judges. I hope they likey, because this would make a badass T-shirt. I know you want one!

Well I just got the official OK on the design! So now there's a one in 233 chance that I'll win big. :-) Let's hope the Adobe MAX judges are not turned off by the girly influence. Hey, chicks are smart too - and we all like a fancy T-shirt. If you agree, throw a nice rating my way!


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