Jun 8, 2010

Attleboro Expo for the Senses

Lilacs  7" x 5" acrylic

Thanks to a good friend Kim, I found out that The Attleboro Arts Museum is working with the city of Attleboro to create the Expo for the Senses at the end of this month. Luckily I was accepted as an artisan for the event, and will be selling my paintings and prints from a booth there on Saturday June 26th! The Expo runs from 12 - 5 pm and there will be music, food and handmade arts, crafts and jewelry for sale. The event is free and outdoors in downtown Attleboro, MA.

I have some pastels that I am framing for the event, but am juiced to create a bunch more paintings this month. Here's the first one I painted to get in the groove - back to acrylics for a bit. I'll be working on lots of small canvases to keep the work affordable, and it's really fun to paint quickly, and see progress in a short period of time. This first piece took me around three hours. Our lilac tree lost a few branches earlier this year, so I cut all the flowers and got them into water as fast as I could. Lilacs don't last too long once cut, so I took lots of photos to make paintings of later. I really like the yellow/purple combination.

I'll be posting more artwork as the paintings progress. I've been back to work on my Heart Art project as well, so I'm looking forward to lots more art blogging!

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