Sep 17, 2010

Custom Boat Portraits!

I've been adding some new artwork to my website lately - and wanted to include a new page for custom portraits. Now I've always been available for this kind of work, but thought it would be best to get a full page up there to show some samples, as well as a page for pricing and instructions. After all, I wouldn't like to buy something unless I knew what I was getting into. The first series of portraits up is for boat enthusiasts.

Bella Lisa  12"x9" acrylic on panel

Since my husband and I have a boat (26' Wellcraft with sleeper cabin) and it's still boating season, we've been down to the Warwick area quite a bit lately to enjoy the ocean. I love the area, and this particular marina is quiet, with a little beach to walk around when not on the boat. I have quite a few photos that I will be developing into paintings from my explorations there.

Sailing  9"x12" acrylic on canvas

I also created a few new boat portraits to show some samples of my work. If you are reading this and you are a boat owner who must sadly pull your boat out for the winter, it's a nice way to keep her in mind during the colder months. If you know a boat owner, this makes a nice gift for the holidays, birthdays, etc. If you sell boats, it's a nice idea for a thank-you gift to your customers. I'll be making the paintings in acrylic and in pastel over watercolor.

Regatta  7"x5" pastel

For more information and prices on the boat portraits, please check out my website.



  1. Lovin it Lisa. I think they would make great cards :)