Oct 27, 2010

Wild Lace painting

Wild Lace  10"x10" acrylic

The last of the three paintings I created for the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative 10x10x10 show is Wild Lace. I have painted Queen Anne's lace in several formats, and thought I would create another for this show. In this version, I focused on just three blossoms - one of them just on the verge of opening.

detail of the opening blossom

The flowers are lit from behind, and so they have a bit of a glow about the edges. You see a lot of brightness on the delicate branching leaves where they pick up the sunlight. I also used a purple underpainting with some blue strokes so that the background wouldn't be too stark.

The opening reception and sale for the PAC 10x10x10 show is November 11th - if you're in the market for unique holiday gifts, it's a great show, as every painting is for sale for $150. More details are here on the PAC event page.


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