Jan 2, 2012

Fun-A-Day Providence 2012!

New Year  - section from my holiday linocut print 

It's a new year already! Holy smokes 2011 went by fast. The last three months were a crazy blur. Lots of work at the Warwick Museum of Art and for Kretschmann Brewing, participating in holiday art fairs, visiting family and friends, decorating, cooking, way too much eating, and artmaking. Once we hit Christmas the art went on hold, so now it's time to get back to work. Starting with Fun-A-Day!

Last year I participated in Fun-A-Day Providence for the first time. If you are wondering about FAD, here's a description from the website:
Fun-a-Day is a creative challenge open to all inspired by the basic premise that everyone is an artist and everything we make is art. Do something creative every day in the month of January and share it at the community art show in February.To participate, sign up at: http://www.funadayprov.org/p/participate.html
Fun-A-Day from day 1 - research and sketches
I want to focus on my Art Hearts series, so I'm making that my Fun-A-Day project for 2012. For day one I started research on a new Art Heart. I have to brainstorm a bit at this stage and usually sketch out some ideas and symbolism related to the essay. I was a little nervous getting back into it - I want each heart to be different, and yet appropriate for the family and meaningful. Perhaps a little performance anxiety has been slowing down my creative process on the hearts lately. In any case, I have some new ideas. Whew!

So today I'll continue on this Art Heart, and try to catch up on blogging the previous Art Heart. I want to make 2012 a great year for supporting families affected by CHD.

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