Jan 11, 2012

Plans change...

Sunset at the Kripalu Center

So it's funny how plans can change so quickly. Back in December I was invited to show the Art Heart series at a venue in Southbridge, MA during the month of February. Shortly after that I was told that we would need to reschedule the exhibit, so I figured I was free to participate in the Fun-A-Day exhibit instead. I am sure that because I chose the Art Hearts project as my focus for Fun-A-Day, the universe decided to resurrect that original show. Pretty cool actually - but since I (and my artwork) can't be in two places at one time, it looks like I won't be at Fun-A-Day.

I took a brief break from the artwork to sort out the details of the exhibit, and go on a creative retreat at the Kripalu center in Lenox, MA. Now it's back to work, to finish up Art Heart number twelve and start number thirteen. Lots to do to prepare for this show!

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