Aug 28, 2009

More mini-paintings

Landscape 2  3 1/2"x 2 1/4" acrylic

I finished the second mini-landscape. I like the bright blue of the sky in this one. It's also feels good to complete some work so quickly. The surface areas of these little paintings are so small that they come along pretty easily. I'm doing my best to keep the style loose and not whip out the 00 brush trying to make ridiculous details.

Landscape 3  3 1/2"x 2 1/4" acrylic

My wonderful husband just returned from a visit with family out in Las Vegas. While he was out there he kindly took many photos of the landscape. This mini-painting is based on some photos he took from Red Rock canyon. He also brought back some beautiful shots of exotic florals that I am dying to paint. I'm looking forward to painting some botanical studies of flowers from our garden. I have a large hydrangea on the desk right now, with a pastel about halfway complete. Now that the weather has cooled a bit it is much more enjoyable to paint in the studio. It's 80 degrees in here now, as opposed to the 99 degree heat I was working in last week.

So glad autumn is making an appearance!

Both of these paintings are available for purchase on my website:

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