Aug 18, 2009

Paintings from Vermont trip

Trees in Vermont  8 1/2"x11" pastel

I just had a wonderful opportunity to travel with my friend April, another artist, to Vermont for a few days. We spent time hiking, taking pictures of the beautiful scenery and making artwork. The painting above was the view out the back of the condo we stayed at in Stowe. I tried this one as a plein air work.

Cherries  5" x 6" pastel

This smaller still-life is one I created while my legs were recovering from a climb up Pinnacle Peak. We hiked 1.6 miles up a very steep slope - totally worth it to see the 360 degree view of the mountains and towns around. We also took a hiking tour of some waterfalls in the Stowe area, and a gondola ride up Mount Mansfield, the highest point in Vermont. I'm hoping with all of the photos we took that I'll be making some great landscapes soon. I just recently purchased a new Kodak digital camera, and discovered a few fun features while on this trip - there's a cool panoramic photo option that takes a series of three photos (the camera shows a slice of the previous photo so that you can line the next one up) and then stitches them together on the fly (!). Pretty nifty!

Both of these paintings are available for purchase through my website:


  1. I love the one of the trees, you managed to take an ok scene and make it really beautiful on paper.

    - April

  2. I don't know anything about the actual location, but I'm going to have to add a cudos as well to the success of capturing the light in the tree painting as well. Feels really warm.

    - darick

  3. Thank you! I love to see what pieces resonate with people. One of the neighbors at the condos where we stayed for this trip also came out to see what I was working on that day. She turned out to be a fellow painter. I guess it pays to be out working in the field.