Jan 12, 2011

Fun-a-Day painting day 11

Well I got this little number (get it? HA!) done last night, but most of today was eaten up by ridiculous amounts of snow removal. Living in New England brings you the joy of the 'Noreaster and some crazy snowfall - we woke up this morning to fourteen inches (all in about seven hours) and by now we have up around twenty. Plus it's still snowing. Our driveway is crazy crooked and somewhat lengthy, so the truck (with personal plow) got stuck twice and had to be dug out. Ah, the joys of snow! So I'm just now getting back to the blog.

Eleven is another special number in my life. My birthday is on the eleventh, as well as my Father's and Grandmother's birthdays. Actually, both my Father and Grandmother were born in November, so they were both 11-11 birthdays. To top it all off, it's 2011, so that a LOT of elevenage in my life.

For this artwork I originally just had the number with a triangle shape in the background - three points for the three birthdays shared on the eleventh. But this piece needed some pizazz, so I came up with the lotus flower motif to represent birth/rebirth. Much better!

For all you New Englanders (and other snow bunnies) out there, good luck with the snow, and stay warm!

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