Jan 5, 2011

Fun-a-Day Providence

My sketches and Fun-a-Day paintings days one through four

My friend and fellow artist Liz Talbot clued me in about this creative event in Providence. Fun-a-Day is a month-long community art project. Participants create something (anything!) every day for a month and then display their efforts. The Providence Fun-a-Day 2011 event will be shown on Friday February 11th and Saturday February 12th at the West Broadway Neighborhood Association on Westminster in Providence.

So lately I've been playing the lottery a bit, dreaming of the freedom that comes with instant cash (or imaginary spending) and I try to select numbers that have meaning to me - birthdays, anniversaries and such. Because numbers have been on my mind, I thought I'd do a daily numerical painting, making small square pieces seating them into a grid. I wanted to keep the final piece square, so my grid will be larger than 31 squares, with some of them being double size to fill in the extra space. I chose significant numbers for the large squares when possible, similar to my lottery plan-of-action.

I have mini-paintings for the first four days, and today am working on a larger one for day five. I will try to post as I create new artwork each day this month. Should be a fun challenge!


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