Jan 17, 2011

Joyful series

Joyful Trio  mixed-media  4"x5"

I've been experimenting with a new technique so that I won't have to frame some of these pastels - It's not that I can't do the framing, but I wouldn't say that I enjoy it particularly. Also the whole tactile quality of pastel that I love gets lost to be when the work is behind glass. Maybe I'll eventually reconcile my feelings about framing, but for now, I thought I would try working around that.

Joyful  mixed-media  4"x3 1/2"

So after more than a few experiments, I have this new series of mixed-media pieces. I created a large version of the poppies for an art group project, and now that I have gotten a system down, here are four finished paintings. I love the color combination, and the intense yellow background, and the palette seems very upbeat to me - joyful to execute. So that's what the series will be named - Joyful.

Joyful Friends  mixed-media  4"x5"

These four paintings are on the small side, each are just a hair under our inches in height. I'll be continuing the series with larger works 9"x12".

Joyful Twins  mixed-media  4"x3 1/2"