Jan 28, 2011

Fun-a-Day paintings from the last week

My Fun-a-Day paintings for the Providence exhibit are still coming along - only three more days to go! Here's my progress over the last week.

Day 22 - bright shining like the sun!

Day 22 - Twenty-two is another important number for me, and so it was the larger format painting in this series. Twenty-two is the date of my husband's birthday. As I looked at the grid so far and the other large pieces, I thought that this one could use a warm, bright color. So this one I made a yellow, thinking of my husband's influence in my life. My husband is one of those people who are always looking for something to be engaged in - he gets excited about ideas and learning, and he throws himself into hobbies and experiments with a passion. He reminds me to have a sense of humor, and to enjoy our lives. He truly does burn brightly like the sun.

Day 23 - winter birch trees

Day 23 - Here is another large format number, the last one in the series, and was chosen for that format because of the positioning in the grid. Twenty-three isn't a significant number for me, so I was able to add whatever imagery came to mind. We've been having lots of snow out here in Massachusetts, and whenever I look out my bathroom window I see a group of white birch trees by the house and the landscape of our yard beyond them. It's a really nice view, with lots of privacy, and I want to make some larger paintings based on that view of the birch. But for now, I put down on paper my impression of the birches in the cold twilight.

back to the little paintings

more little paintings

Days 24 through 28 were back to the smaller format, with simple two inch square paintings. Several of them are painted using metallic inks. I'm thinking I should get my MDF board measured and cut soon so that I can start mounting the numbers to it. It's going to be interesting to see all the other artists' work in February. :-)


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